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Benefits of Walking Exercise

walking-buddyWalking buddy programme is a great way to keep fit and improve fitness levels ,improve heart health, improve bone density which is important when going into peri- menopause and menopause as we become at risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures of wrists, hips if we fall. It also helps to build muscle which we lose as we age especially through menopause.

Walking is also good for helping with mood changes especially if feeling low or depressed as it raises levels of the happy hormone serotonin which lifts our mood.

It can relieve stress as well and our bodies are at risk of Adrenal stress raising our levels of cortisol which can cause a number of problems including weight gain, food cravings like salty foods which can affect the bodies ability to balance minerals like sodium and potassium and magnesium. other side effects can be joint pain, low blood sugar, poor circulation.

Walking can help with preventing weight gain as during menopause levels of oestrogen change and it can cause weight gain around the middle area of the body, which then can put us at risk of heart disease , diabetes, stroke and some cancers like stomach, bowel and breast cancer.

Tiredness quite often can be a symptom of menopause and walking in the fresh air can relieve this too. It is also a natural way for menopause symptoms to be helped.

Walking combined with healthy eating can make a big difference in this time of life, balanced with a good quality sleep.

There are so many benefits with walking.

  • Suitable for any age.
  • Strengthens your heart.
  • Lowers risk of some diseases.
  • Keeps weight in check.
  • Tones your legs, bum and tum.
  • Boosts vit D levels.
  • Gives you energy.
  • Improves your mood.