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20 Minute HIIT workout to do at home

As a personal trainer i get asked a lot about what is is the best length of time to workout, well whatever you can fit in to your daily life is better than doing nothing.

The benefits of exercise are well know like

1) Lower your risk of diabetes type 2 by 50%

2) keeps your weight down at a healthy level

3) lowers your risk of breast cancer by 20%

4) Tones your body

5) gives you more energy and focus

6) helps you to sleep better

7) can help fight depression

8) Lowers you risk of heart disease

The government say you should do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity like getting on a bike, jogging, fast walking, rowing  and on two days add in strength exercises that work the muscles, this is important for peri-menopause and menopause as we lose muscle strength and bone density  during this time . you need to work the  muscle groups like legs, chest, shoulders, arms, thighs and stomach.

so if you want to make a start i have done two combinations of exercises that will work you both with cardio and strength with none or very little  equipment required.

This workout 20 minutes long and will get your heart rate up to a good working level and help use the muscles.


Always consult your Doctor before undertaking any form of physical activity and make sure the area you are working out in is safe .Always warm up your body before exercising.



1 minute jumping jacks (cardio)

1 minute of press ups do these on knees if you are a beginner.(strength)

2 minute high knees getting you knees as high as you can.(cardio)

1 minute press ups (strength)

rest for 30 seconds

1 minute mountain climbers (cardio)

1 minute plank (strength)

2 minutes jog on the spot (cardio)

1 minute plank (strength)

rest 30 seconds

1 minute squat jumps (cardio)

1 minute consitina sit ups (strength, toning)

2 minutes pretend skipping (cardio) but if you have a skipping rope you can use that.

1 minute consitinas sit ups ( strength, toning )

rest 30 seconds

1 minute plank jacks (cardio and strength)

1 minute tricep dips (strength, toning ) find a steady chair or low table to do these on.

2 minute steps ups use your stairs or  garden steps (cardio)

1 minute tricep dips (strength, Toning)

cool down


This is just an example if you have any questions please do get in contact. At Smart we can do skype sessions or one to one sessions at your home within a 10 mile radius or at Smart HQ