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Stay Fit & Healthy During Christmas Period

Trying to keep fit through the Christmas period

As a Personal fitness trainer for women I know that this time of the year trying to exercise and keep up fitness levels with regular personal training or getting to the gym or even doing exercise at home can be a struggle, there is so much happening with school plays, Christmas shopping, illness like coughs and colds to name a few.

We put pressure on ourselves due to the new types of exercise on the block like HIIT, CrossFit which can be quite intense, we think unless we do this type of exercise we will not going to be fit, but if you are quite new to working out or just getting a bit older and you want something a little less intense then why not just walk!!!!

Its free to do, no equipment, you can do anywhere, it is a fabulous form of exercise that can build your fitness and can help you lose weight as long as you have a healthy diet.
Walking is easier on the joints than other forms of exercise and can boost immunity, strengthen bones and help you to sleep better.

The recommended amount of exercise a week by government health departments is 30 minutes 5 days a week, which I tell my clients and my Smart accountability group. You do not have to do hours of exercise to get the benefits you will be pleased to hear.

A lot of people say they don’t have time but even if you break it up in to 3 , 10 minute sessions in your breaks or lunch hour it can help and make you more productive, wake you up ,stop you relying on the caffeine hit and the 4pm slump.

Once you get in to a routine with your walking you should add some strength and flexibility training in to your day, this is important as we age as muscle declines and bones become more fragile due to hormone changes through menopause and decreasing oestrogen.

By doing these exercises as well it will increase your strength and stamina so you can speed up your walk and avoid annoying injuries.

Types of exercise you can do to help with strength without equipment are squats, or wide squats press ups, triceps dips.

If you have some weights you can use these too and do some bicep curls, lateral arm raises, Front arm raises all you can do while marching in place.

Try and do some yoga moves for flexibility as well either by going to a class or watching on YouTube.

We get stiff and immobile as we age and if you don’t use it you lose it.

So over the Christmas period make time for yourself get up and get out in the air you will feel the benefits and hopefully it will help keep weight in control with the little treats you will be eating over this time.

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