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Train with a buddy and get great results

So we are half way through January i expect you are all settled back in to the routine of the new year, and im sure a lot of resolutions like getting fit, losing weight, dry January and eating healthier will have gone out o the window due to life getting in the way, lack of money, cold weather, too much getting in the way with family and work.

we can all find reasons not to stick to things and tell ourselves we will start again next month only to let a few months pass and we still are as unfit and we are carrying the added Christmas weight.

One way to stick to an exercise and fitness plan is to get a training buddy and share a personal training session, that way its not as costly and there are two people you wont want to let down.

Here are some great reasons why it may be useful to get a buddy.

  1. you have no excuses not to train, as you will be letting your friend down and the trainer.
  2. You can challenge each other, a bit of healthy competition is a good thing.
  3. You will have time to catch up with all the gossip with your friend and have some girly time.we all get busy with our lives and its not always easy to find time to see a friend.
  4. you will both become fitter and healthier,reach your goals and stick to your resolutions
  5. You can split the cost of a session but still get professional help from me with a plan that suits you both.
  6. You are less likely to give up.

The cost of a buddy session with Smart Nutrition and Fitness is £40 for 45 minutes so just £20 each, this makes personal training affordable.

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