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This was brilliant Fiona, I love working with weights thank you so much xx- Carol Ann Hatt

I can’t recommend Fiona highly enough I never have to force myself to go to my sessions I love the weekly routine and enjoy our conversations about healthy eating, hormones and life in general. 😁😁- Diana Johnson

Before I signed up with your amazing group I was referred by my dr to see a dietitian as I was suffering with bloating, and generally feeling unwell , she recommended a treatment but she wasn’t aware about the affect it might have on the anti depressants. I found her unhelpful and she suggested the fodmap diet usually given to people when they have irritable bowel. Lucky for me you came along and following your exercise and food plans plus other advice you put in your smart and fit for life group I now feel so much better , more energy, no bloating , fitter and healthier than I have been in a long time . Thank you Fiona- Carol Ann Hatt

Not checking in yet - that's later 😉. I have weighed and measured today and thought I would share my results. This works Fiona! It really works. I have lost 4.75lbs this week and have seen an inch go off my belly and my bum and 1/2 inch off my hips and thighs..... if that doesn't motivate me to keep going nothing will. Thank you Fi and everyone else for the encouragement and accountability. I love it 😍. We will be butterflies Jacky ❤️ x- Helen Hanlon