Jane Mason

I went to see Fiona as I was struggling with symptoms of the menopause. Fiona has helped me understand the changes happening in my body giving me the confidence and knowledge to go and see my GP and ask to be put on HRT.
In our weekly sessions Fiona has advised me how to make lifestyle changes in nutrition and exercise to keep me fit and healthy.
Fiona is very approachable, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She really cares about her clients.
I thoroughly recommend her services - go and see her - she will make a difference!
Thanks so much Fi.

Christine J

Fiona, I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for helping me so much over the last few years. Our weekly sessions have made such a big difference to my mobility and general well being and I am very grateful to you for your patience and good humour, especially at the beginning when I was a total novice and in poor shape. You never made me feel useless or that I couldn’t improve and that was exactly the approach I needed to continue and feel inspired and encouraged each week. Obviously I am still a work in progress (no doubt always will be!) but I am on a much better wellness path for my future and for that I am most grateful to you.

Diane Johnson

Thanks Fi another good workout lots of variety, no two workouts ever the same. xx

Debbie Ridge

Fi that was brilliant. Totally needed this. Will be doing your workouts everyday from now on - so glad I'm part of this group xxx

Judith Pallen

Just did my first session. Fantastic - just perfect. Xx

Diane Johnson

Just caught up on this one, was so cold when I got in from work I was going to put the heating on, no need now as definitely warmed up. Thanks for another great session, really enjoyed it. Xx

Kate Richards

Joined in a day late. Really enjoyed it. Level just right for me. Challenging but not impossible

Carol Ann Hatt

This was brilliant Fiona, I love working with weights thank you so much xx

Diana Johnson

I can’t recommend Fiona highly enough I never have to force myself to go to my sessions I love the weekly routine and enjoy our conversations about healthy eating, hormones and life in general. 😁😁

Carol Ann Hatt

Before I signed up with your amazing group I was referred by my dr to see a dietitian as I was suffering with bloating, and generally feeling unwell , she recommended a treatment but she wasn’t aware about the affect it might have on the anti depressants. I found her unhelpful and she suggested the fodmap diet usually given to people when they have irritable bowel. Lucky for me you came along and following your exercise and food plans plus other advice you put in your smart and fit for life group I now feel so much better , more energy, no bloating , fitter and healthier than I have been in a long time . Thank you Fiona