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Five facts you need to know to help with Menopause.

Well there is one thing for sure if you are a woman you will go through Peri menopause and menopause, but it dosent have to be hell, you just need to take a step back look at what your doing now and think of ways you can help yourself and get through this time.

Most ladies i talk to think in peri menopause its their oestrogen that is playing havoc when in fact oestrogen only falls permanently after menopause.

The problem you are having is Progesterone falling and this can happen for quite a few years before menopause, and when this is low we get oestrogen dominance which gives us all the horrible side effects like hot flushes, lack of sex drive, uncomfortable sex, mood swings, anxiety, sleep disturbance and weight gain but to name a few. Having said all this some women wouldnt even know they have gone through it if they hadent stopped their periods.

Now i have played around with trying to help myself as i cannot take HRT due to my Breast cancer and being oestrogen dominant as well. so i have got these few tips that have helped me, now im not saying i feel great all the time as i would be lying but i know when i stick to a plan i am much better.

  1. Make sure you keep your weight down and at a healthy level, the more fat cells we have the more of that lovely oestrogen we encourage and you dont need any more of it when you are already trying to keep it down, so try and do at least 20-30 minutes exercise a day that gets you out of breath, you will feel so much better for it and have more energy which in turn will burn more calories. Get the exercise done in the morning , make it an appointment with your yourself and dont break it.
  2. Oestrogen loves alcohol and when you drink your oestrogen levels rise, also it will stop you from making good food choices and make other dodgy choices less said about that the better !!!, it will disturb your sleep and not make you as productive . Dont get me wrong i like a glass or two of presecco but i try to restrict myself to the weekend only and i fell much better for it.
  3. Watch your caffeine intake as excess caffeine intake can also raise oestrogen, cut it out or just have one a day dont drink it through habit, try looking at herbal teas or Water whats wrong with good old water?
  4. Love your veg there is a group of vegetables called cruciferous veg they include Broccoli, sprouts, cauliflower, kale and spinach they can help to mop up excess oestrogen floating around in our bodies, i personally try and have Vegetables with every meal in the evening and then i make a good healthy vegetable soup at lunch time with the other veg that contain vitamins and anti-oxidents like carrots , squash, pumpkin, peppers, garlic.
  5. love fibre especially soluble it helps to bind to excess oestogen  and helps keep digestion healthy and keeps you fuller,try eating an apple or some dried fruits, pop them in your porridge in the morning. make sure you drink water a s well as it helps with the transit of fibre.

If you have any other tips that have helped you then please share.

Fi x