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Metabolic Repair Programme


  • 5 phases to follow for metabolic repair and hormone balance
  • Menu plan to follow including shopping list
  • Exercise programme
  • Plus 2 1-1 online coaching calls

The term ‘metabolism’ is being used a lot recently by the health and fitness conscious. People are becoming increasingly aware that all their training and nutrition efforts which affect what is happening on the outside, may be having an effect on the inside too.

There also appear to be two ‘campuses’ when it comes to considering the metabolism in respect to body composition and health. One side strongly believes that the metabolism is the key focal point to a great body and health. The other believes this to be nonsense, and that good body and health is down to calorie control and macronutrient consideration.

Metabolic Repair Programme

Personally, I am in the middle of these two campuses, as anyone that claims calories do not matter is missing the bigger picture, and the same goes for those who claim calories are all that matter. The purpose of this program is to show you an alternative ‘diet’ to getting you in shape and healthy, and to provide you with the tools to successfully apply it.
Traditional dieting protocols follow the very basic template of: reduce calories > lose weight > balance the metabolism.

In this program, we will look at reversing this process, to create a new dieting formula: balance the metabolism > reduce calories >lose weight.


Our metabolisms are a sum of the physical and chemical processes that occur in our cells to produce energy.

Essentially, everything in our bodies make up the metabolism. So when we talk about metabolic repair, what we really mean is fixing our body as a whole unit.

However, when it comes to metabolism with regard to body Composition and health, we can focus on a certain number of Specific functions or processes that control this. These specific Functions and processes are usually hormones related to the Thyroid (T3, T4), or leptin, insulin and cortisol.

This is where the two previously mentioned ‘camps’ divide on opinion.

This is because when we look at the law of thermodynamics, and thus the bodyweight changes as a result, losing or gaining weight is a matter of calories in vs. calories out Therefore, for some, hormones need not come into the equation when body composition is of priority.

The counter argument is, if someone is in a ‘negative energy’ balance and not losing weight, something internally is not quite working properly. This leads us to the key hormones at play.

For the purpose of this program, I will not go into the key hormones at work and how they can be affected via training and nutrition.

The take home point here is that what we do in terms of exercise and food intake is having a hormonal impact on the inside. This is what dictates the state of our metabolism and thus our health.


Full Payment £297
In two installments of £150 each

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