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Fiona - menopause specialist london

Smart guide to healthy eating in 2017

There is so much information out there about what to eat and what not to eat , there are smoothies, green juices, low carb, high protein, shakes, wonder pills, detox plans,fat burners but at the end of the day the best way to eat well is have what you fancy in moderation that way you are unlikely to over do it as when we stop ourselves having something we tend to crave it more, an example how many of you have craved a chocolate bar but avoided having it and gone for something healthy only to eat more calories in the end as you didnt eat what you really wanted.

If you cut out a major macronutrient like Carbohydrates , protein or fats of course you will lose weight you have just cut out a major food group that has calories so you will be reducing your intake, but can you or more to the point do you want to deprive yourself of some of the things you enjoy!!! also you will lose weight but when you start to reintroduce those food groups you will put it all back on again.

Now im not saying go and eat dognuts,crisps and chocolate daily you have to be a bit sensible and as we age and start to go through peri-menopause and menopause we dont need so many calories as our metabolism slows down and maybe we dont move so much so we dont need as many calories, we also have to eat what our body needs to keep cognitive functions , bone and heart health well, more women die of heart disease after menopause than breast cancer as they lose the protective effect of oestrogen, this goes for bone health as well osteoporosis common in an older woman.

The best way to eat well is to reduce sugar consumption, try using raw honey and proper maple syrup to sweeten foods but reduce this down as you start to eat less sugar.

Cook from fresh not processed foods that you buy in the supermarkets look at the labels if you dont know what the ingredients are should you be eating them?  Bottled sauces they have so much sugar in them and you really can make your own its not too hard.

A lot of people i hear saying i work all day i havent got time to cook from scratch…… I say that you can cook a healthy meal quicker than it takes to cook a ready meal. A Piece of fish takes a few minutes add some fresh vegetables and you have a good meal or a chicken stir fry with broccoli, pakchoi, peppers,mushrooms,baby corn in under 10 minutes.

Fill your plate with fresh fruit and vegetable and include phytonutrients like wholegrains, nuts,beans great for peri- menopause and may help to prevent disease and keep the body functioning properly.

Use butter and not margarine and whole milk not skimmed,we need a good source of calcium as we age. Do not eat diet products, they are full of sugar to make them taste good, a good natural yoghurt is much better with some fruit or teaspoon of raw honey.

Drink water i cannot say this enough, it help keep your system going, we are made up of 70% water and sometimes when we feel hungry we are just dehydrated. Try and have a glass on rising and a glass before every meal this will prevent you overeating, it will keep your skin looking good as well.

Buy foods that are as close to nature as possible i always think if it has a label try and avoid it if you think fruit and vegetables and meat, fish dont usually have labels.

Make use of herbs and spices they can add loads of flavour to your food.

Think brown rather than white so cut out white pasta, rice and bread and go for the wholemeal versions instead.

Cut down your alcohol red wine is better than white but remember the government guidelines for women is 14 units a week thats like a bottle and a half no more.When you think most people have half a bottle a night to unwind after the day that would add the units up way pass healthy limits plus the 1000s of extra calories that have no nutritional value.

The liver has to work hard to get rid of the alcohol and will do this first before sorting out any food you have eaten so all those extra calories will be stored as fat.

Track what you eat, you would be surprised at what you get through in a day, there are some good apps on phones now that can help like my fitness pal where you can track all you eat and add your exercise as well as see where your diet is lacking in vitamins and minerals.

For further information contact me for a consultation and plan for the New year to help you eat better and feel great.

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Fiona x