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S.M.A.R.T and Fit for life

This group started in 2017 and has grown in to a lovely community of ladies who maybe haven’t got time for the gym but want to be given advice on exercise and wellbeing through midlife and beyond.

We set monthly exercise challenges that can be done in comfort of your home and we place videos in the group to show how each one is performed.

Members are encouraged to share videos and pictures of how they are getting on, but this isn’t compulsory.

There are health tips and recipes added in to the group and local meet ups to play tennis or go for walks as well as other social gatherings.

To be a member it’s just £14.99 a month just email us with your interest.

Here is what one member has said about the group

Fiona’s Group has really helped me, I’ve learnt so much about nutrition, fitness and the menopause (aaah scary topic!). The difference in how I eat, exercise and I feel so much better and motivated…plus I’ve reached my target weight without the struggle all thanks to Fiona.. Give her a shout… she will help you out xx