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SMART Menopause / Exercise and wellbeing package

The benefits of exercise are well documented. But in Peri- menopause and beyond we need to make sure we are doing the best we can to protect our bodies as we age.


  1. Exercise increases the cardio-respiratory function. If done regularly, it reduces the metabolic risks associated with declining oestrogen.
  2. It increases HDL (good cholesterol), reduces LDL, (bad cholesterol) triglycerides and fibrinogen. Exercise can also give a reduced risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, TIA (mini strokes) and strokes.
  3. Exercise can help create a calorie deficit and minimize midlife weight gain, especially if you adopt a healthy way of eating.
  4. It increases the bone mass. Strength training like using body resistance and some weights and impact activities (like walking or running, stepping, jumping) can help to off-set the decline of bone mineral density and prevent osteoporosis it also reduces low back pain.
  5. It is proven to help reduce stress and improve the mood, by releasing feel good hormones like dopamine and serotonin
  6. It may help to reduce hot flushes.
  7. It improves skin appearance giving you a look of wellbeing


Exercise and Wellbeing 8 Sessions


Exercise and Wellbeing 4 Sessions