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The Sky-pe is the limit

Hi Ladies

As a personal trainer and 3rd age instructor for peri-menopause and  beyond menopause, I understand that you are all busy ladies, juggling your lives around  kids, adult kids, grandchildren, elderly parents and husbands and there is no surprise that you are the last people who get time to think about having a workout or taking care of yourself, but this time of your life is so important to you and your health, it is what you do now that will determine how your older age will be. After menopause we are more vulnerable to hip, wrist and shoulder fractures due to our bones thinning as our oestrogen depleats and also our heart needs more care at this time too, its not just men that suffer after 50 nearly half of deaths that happen in women are due to some sort of heart disease, other illnesses may make you even more at risk, like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, being inactive and overweight and if there is a family history.

You should think about the following things to help look after yourself:

Don’t smoke, make sure you keep your weight to a healthy level, make time to exercise, the government recommends 30 minutes a day doing some kind of exercise that raises your heartbeat and gets you slightly out of breath.

You don’t have to exercise like a mad person as you get older but make sure you do enough to keep up your health.

I am a nutrition advisor as well and taking a look at what you are eating in to 3rd age and beyond is just as important for your bone and heart health, you can contact me for advice on this should you want to know more.

Watch your alcohol consumption peri-menopausal women and women in menopause don’t always tolerate alcohol so well and may find they get tipsy very quickly and also the weight gain wont be helped by bottles of wine either.

So I have come up with a solution and it is working rather well. What would you say if i said you could do a 30 minute workout, not have to leave the house and have someone to work out with and encourage you all the way to ensure you are exercising safely. Sound Good? well I have started offering Skype sessions to my clients and it is going down rather well as it is time saving can be done at a time to suit you, you don’t have to step outside your door, so instead of a gym session taking you over an hour and a half to two hours door to door you can be done in 30 minutes, worked out and ready for the day.

Here is what one of my ladies said and you can see her review on my page as well.

“After going to Fiona once a week for a fitness session, when I moved away I was really missing it. Fiona suggested trying a Skype workout and I’m very glad I did. It’s a great way to fit in exercising around work and looking after my daughter whilst still benefiting from Fiona’s expertise. She incorporates a good range of exercises even though I have very little equipment and it is great to have her there to show me what to do and to encourage me to push myself. I’m really glad I can still access Fiona’s support even from so far away. Thanks Fiona”.

The Cost of a 30 minute Skype saves you money as well with packages available to suit all budgets.

So what you waiting for ? No excuses anymore call me 0771 8588847, message me or email at smartnutritionandfitness@gmail.com