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Fitness Plans on Offer

All my fitness plans are designed with you and your wellbeing in mind.
After a consultation with you we can work out together to find the best exercise and wellbeing package to suit you.


Here at Smart nutrition and fitness, nutrition is a passion, we truly believe you are what you eat and your body will reflect that in how you look and feel.

Are you fed up always being on a diet and watching what you eat all the time and wish you could just eat nice tasty food and not feel hungry.

You should never have to be on diet if you eat well and the right foods, with plenty of variety and the right vitamins and minerals that your body needs for maintaining a healthy weight,

We can teach you ways to shop smart and cook smart.

We can also teach you what are good carbohydrates and what aren’t so good and which protein is best for you and in what quantity.

People are scared of fats but we will show you a way to put good fats in to your body so you never feel hungry again.

Recipes / videos

At Smart nutrition and fitness we want to teach you how to eat well and stay well with the best ingredients for health and well- being with all the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your body well, in a healthy weight range for your age and height.

We have made some videos for you that include ideas for Breakfast, lunch and dinner and some snacks should you need them. They are all made with 5 S.M.A.R.T ingredients so are easy to shop for and prepare.

They are designed to help with weight loss, and maintenance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, bone health and hormone health.

The recipes are posted most days on Facebook smart nutrition and fitness and can be seen on youtube.

Nutrition & Fitness Plan from £35

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