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menopause - personal fitness trainer

S.M.A.R.T Transformation Packages 3 & 6 Months

Calling all Ladies over 35 years old

How many of you have said you are going to get fit and lose weight in January every year only to get 3 weeks in and give up, lose enthusiasm and go back to bad habits, blaming lack of time, money, or thinking I’m ok really .Does this happen every year and every year you find you have piled on more weight and become even more unfit.

We are all living longer but not living better more people are developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke, becoming obese and putting their future lives in danger as well as reducing the quality of life. Do you want to be on medication for the rest of your life and feeling ill, simply because you couldn’t commit to eating well and exercising? TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

This is where I can help Commit to my 3 or 6 month Transformation Programme and feel fitter and healthier, lower your risk of becoming ill and developing chronic conditions.

All I need from you is 100% commitment.

Programme requires you to set realistic goals and work with me to help you achieve them.

Have 3 training sessions a week and yes you do have time, we can work on that.

Be accountable to me about what you eat and drink by keeping a strict food diary.

Take steps to improve the stress in your life which can also have a negative effect on your health so that you feel mentally stronger and fitter as well.

If you are having Peri menopausal symptoms this programme can help as well as I will give you key strategies to help deal with hormonal changes and give you tips on dealing with the symptoms you are going through.

If you have a friend who wants to do it with you then they will pay 50% of the price for the package  so then  you can split the cost between you both.

Call me on 07718588847 or email me smartnutritionandfitness@gmail.com and book now for January and receive 10% discount on the single package.

Commit to be fit in the New Year, Fiona

Terms and conditions apply ask me for details.