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best ways to resist temptation

Resisting Temptation

You have promised yourself you are going to resist all temptation and stick to your healthy eating way of life so how do you resist temptation when it comes along? What about when your friends and family and work colleague’s try and encourage you to have a drink, eat a cake, it’s quite common for them to sabotage your efforts usually because they can stick to it themselves, its hard but there are ways you can get through it.

Don’t feel bad of your healthy lifestyle and always remind yourself why you want to be healthy, it is for you that you’re doing it and it doesn’t matter what others think.
If someone tries to encourage you to eat cake because it’s their birthday just say I’m sorry I’m full I have just eaten.

If alcohol is the problem, just order a sparkling water in a wine glass and tell people you’re having a spritzer. They won’t know unless they try it and when it comes to getting a round you can say you have had enough. The other way is to offer to drive.

Always keep healthy snacks on hand, either in your bag or on your desk then when you feel hungry you will have something near and won’t be tempted by the biscuit or chocolates or grabbing a bag of crisps.

Join a group that will keep you accountable, like the one I run S.M.A.R.T and fit for life just £19.99 a month to give you tips and encouragement and to help keep you focused. Ask your friends to help you and why not try and get them to do it with you.

Keep a food diary and be honest write everything down that way you won’t want to cheat as you will see it in writing.

There is always that one person who really will dislike what you’re doing and will try everything to break you then you will have to have a conversation with them don’t become defensive just say you are making these choices as you want to be healthy and ask them to respect what you’re doing.
Stay away from what triggers you for a while just until you get in the habit which usually takes about 21 days.

Make yourself a list of reasons why you’re doing it and carry it with you, look at it every day to keep you focused.

Reward yourself after a month if you have seen changes in weight and how your clothes feel, if you are exercising more or sleeping better or feeling less stressed then buy yourself a new outfit or have a glass of wine or a piece of cake as if we completely deprive ourselves we will never stick to it.

Life is for living but living well for longer not living sick for longer.