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Personal training

At Smart nutrition we take great pride in knowing that you will be given the best personal training advice that suits your needs.

People should not be all put in to one category and each person should have a unique programme that suits things like age, ability, any health conditions and their goals like getting fitter, losing weight, toning or just because they want to feel good.

Everyone who comes to Smart nutrition and fitness will be given a medical questionnaire to fill in and a form to fill in on their goals and what they would like to achieve from personal training with us.

We can do 1-1 session or in a group or just design you a programme to do at home, we also do skype consultations so you can exercise wherever you may be.

You will be taught how to exercise safely so as not to cause any injury to yourselves and the right amount of encouragement that you need , no shouting army type training.

Our 1-1 sessions can be 30 minutes or 45 minutes we find this is more effective than long drawn out training sessions that leave you exhausted and wishing the session would end, we aim to have fun but still get the results you want.

However we can give you all the advice and all the correct nutrition advice but if you don’t follow it your results we not be guaranteed. You have to want this it comes from you.

Our skype sessions are 30 minutes long and we will join in with you to make it more interactive.

Our group sessions are usually up to 4 people usually friends who want to cut the cost of having a personal trainer and have fun together.

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