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October 18th National Menopause day

Hi Ladies today is National Menopause day a day that should be celebrated as women we should embrace this time in our lives and see it as a way of  understanding that what we have is a gift and we need to look after it. I’m talking about our bodies, we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves now in the 3rd age and not be as reckless as we once were, what we do now will help us as we age and hopefully ward off some of the illnesses of older age, like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimers, osteoperosis and some cancers.

We need to start looking towards eating better foods that nourish our bodies and protects them, like fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh organic eggs and meat and lots of wild fish like salmon (farmed salmon dosen’t contain as much omega 3 as wild, something to remember) avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol, we do not deal with alcohol as well when we are older and our body can have problems getting rid of the toxins.

We need to keep moving, you don’t have to look at exercise as a chore, you don’t need to pound away for hours on the treadmill, 20-30 minutes 5 days a week will help improve your bone and heart health, your stamina, help you keep weight to a healthy level, may make you feel more sexy if that side of things has gone a bit haywire due to weight gain and energy levels.

Keeping our stress levels down, too much stress plays havoc with our hormones raising cortisol levels, is anything that important that it can’t wait a while, you need to take time for you everything will get done in the end, get help don’t try and be a superwoman. Try meditation and yoga, have a massage, listen to your favourite music, anything that relaxes you.

Be strong say no to people do what makes you happy, you are all beautiful, stay that way.

Fiona xx