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Hot Flash Remedies

Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes

Useful tips during the menopause

  • Layer clothing to help control body temperature
  • Carry a bottle of cold water and a mini fan to keep cool
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to go places avoid rushing it makes you stressed.
  • Make a note of how food and drinks effect you like spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol.
  • Try to stop smoking it can interfere with circulation and can worsen symptoms.
  • Keep your bedroom well ventilated at night , change mattress to one that helps temperature control.
  • Use 100%cotton sheets and nightclothes if you wear them smile emoticon makes you sweat less.
  • Take time out , have some me time to do something for you every day , just 20 minutes will make you feel better.
  • SYSO sort your shit out , delegate jobs at home you are not superwoman if you are sandwich generation where you have frail aging parents and kids still at home or kids with kids you can’t do it all everyone needs to understand that.
  • Eat a healthy diet include lots of fruit and vegetables, pulses, flaxseed. Oily fish.
  • Try some supplements to help you .

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