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Midlife Fitness through Menopause and Beyond

At Smart nutrition we take great pride in knowing that the advice you will be given will be the best to suit your personal needs.

When we reach Peri menopause our bodies start to change and we need to look deeper in to how we maintain health and fitness so, we look at how you can stay strong, sharp, fast and mobile in to midlife and beyond.

personal training for women over 40s

Our aim is to:-

  • Maintain C V health
  • Include appropriate impact for bone health
  • Work on core and balance
  • Improve and maintain foot proprioception
  • Improve foot ankle, hip and thoracic mobility
  • Help you to maintain grip strength
  • Improve lymphatic circulation
  • Hit Epoc (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) for fat
  • loss/management
  • Hydrate fascia
  • Maintain fascial spring
  • Help keep cognitive health sharp
  • Improve functional posture.

All exercise is purpose driven for this time of life and has to be more meaningful than just fatloss.

Our classes and 1-1 sessions are energising, not exhausting and you will love doing them, they are 30 minutes long £35 or 45 minutes for £40 if you want to have 15 minutes relaxation added at the end.