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A Natural Treatment for Menopause & its Symptoms

If you are a woman in 3rd age that is 35 and above and you are beginning to notice little changes that start happening to your body and your hormones starting to fluctuate. Month to month changes in moods, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, thinning hair, dry skin, lack of energy, loss of libido and pain on intercourse, periods becoming heavier, lighter, non-existent for months then back again with vengeance. Weak pelvic floor muscles, sleep disturbance, cravings, and aching joints. Are you confused by all the menopause treatments out there?

At Smart Nutrition & Fitness we work with women to help ease symptoms listed above and help with natural peri-menopause and menopause relief through quality nutrition ideas, recipes, exercise programmes and menopause supplements to help with bone health and heart health and energy and hot flash remedies

Help with small lifestyle changes fully supported by Fiona who is a qualified personal trainer, nutrition advisor and 3rd age women’s instructor.

I want to help women to understand what is happening after all we all have to go through it. The important thing I want to get across is it’s not an illness its normal and I can help people to get through this time with tips and advice on the perimenopause and menopause.

I like to see women on a one to one basis and build a programme for them to get them into a good way of coping with the changes ahead.

I design exercise that will help reduce the risk of osteoporosis by weight bearing and I do some gentle cardio training for prevention of heart disease which kills more women in this age group than breast cancer. Diabetes is common in this age group as well so I show ways to try and keep this from happening I teach ladies functional movement for everyday life to ensure they are strong and healthy as they age.

I also look at their nutrition to ensure they are getting all the right vitamins and minerals that can help with the change.

Weight loss and maintaining weight can be hard when going through peri- menopause and menopause so let me help.

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