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Menopause & Wellbeing

Menopause & Well- beingThe menopause and well being package is for ladies from the age of 35 onwards as lot of women will start to notice changes in their bodies due to the start of perimenopause. This is the first stage of menopause and can take between 6 and 10 years to go through or more, you may start to notice a little weight gain and finding it harder to keep weight down whereas before you didn’t have to watch what you ate or exercise as much.

You may start to have hot flashes and night sweats which can happen at any time, these can hinder sleep which can then lead to tiredness, insomnia, depression, mood swings and irritability. The decrease in hormone oestrogen is the reason these changes occur other side effects include hair loss , lack of sex drive, vaginal dryness making sex more uncomfortable, memory loss / forgetfulness and dry skin and osteoporosis.

With the menopause and wellbeing package we address these things and put in place measures to try and address some of them. We look at the best nutrition for perimenopause and how adding foods with phytoestrogens can help like chick peas , kidney beans , and other pulses as well as Tempeh and Soya. Natural remedies for Hot flashes like food supplements can be added as well like black cohosh, red clover, wild yam.

Personal training and getting your fitness levels up is also important as this can help maintain muscle mass keep body fat percentage down and protect you from osteoporosis and fractures as you age. Exercise may also help reduce your risk of breast cancer and other cancers like bowel and stomach. Being overweight can also increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Having a personal trainer is a good way to keep you on track and is no longer seen as something just for people with money as more and more people are taking charge of their health. The other topics we cover is how to save a flagging libido suggestions on re-igniting your sex life and helping you feel more confident with your changing body.

This package includes 8 fitness sessions of 30 minutes duration with 10 minutes relaxation plus nutrition advice on best ways to eat £499.00


  • Full nutrition profile giving advice
  • Supplementation suggestions
  • Advice on helping to cope with hot sweats
  • Support on how to deal with the emotions that come with the menopause
  • Exercise programme consisting of maximum of 8 fitness sessions
  • How to de-stress and sleep better
  • How to re-ignite your sex life and feel more confident
  • Advice on bone health
  • Advice on heart health
  • Help with adrenal stress if it is affecting you