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Menopause – it’s not just for celebrities!

Menopause is big news right now!  

Celebrities from Gabby Logan to Meg Matthews, Gwyneth Paltrow and, most recently, Davina McCall have spoken about their own experiences and helped to break the taboo that has long existed around this topic.

And there are a number of ‘celebrity’ Menopause experts popping up on social media offering help and assistance with symptoms and navigating this life event.  All of which is great in terms of normalising what 50% of the population have to contend with.

I’m a huge fan of the increased coverage this is getting.  But also a little concerned that we remember that there is no one size fits all solution to peri-menopause and menopause symptoms.  It’s such a personal thing that personal, tailored advice is definitely the best solution.

I’ve qualified as a nutrition and fitness instructor for women in third age (peri-menopause and beyond) in 2016 and have been helping women to manage their Menopause since then.  From addressing physical symptoms to reviewing nutrition needs and making exercise plans designed to support them in this next stage of life. 

As women we can be inclined not to prioritise our own health and wellbeing.  But is short sighted when you consider the number of people who probably depend on you – from children, to partners, work colleagues and perhaps aging parents.  

The two main symptoms that bring women to me seem to be the dreaded Menopause weight gain and the horrible hot flushes.  But there’s so much more to menopause.  In fact, there are 34 recognised symptoms!  

I received this lovely feedback from one client: “I can’t recommend Fiona highly enough.  I never have to force myself to go to my sessions, I love the weekly routine and enjoy our conversations about healthy eating, hormones and life in general.” 

So, if you’re feeling different to how you did a few months (or years) ago and you’re not happy with that then why not book a ‘45 minute Menopause’ session with me?  It’s just £45 and if you drop me an email I’ll get in touch to get you in the diary. 

We’ll discuss your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and I can share some top tips for managing symptoms through diet, exercise and lifestyle.