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Make 2017 your year to be Fit and Healthy 8 Pt sessions for £160 instead of £280.

Every year on 1st January we say we are going to get fit and exercise more, lose weight, so we sign up to a gym which we pay a lot for on a contract only to fall off the wagon two weeks later, gyms make a lot of money with their January sign ups.

The trouble is that we get an induction by a trainer then we are left to our own devices and most people will not have the determination and dedication to work out hard enough or push themselves enough as they would if they had a trainer watching over them helping them reach their goals.

People are put off with the price of personal trainers as well and some do charge a lot.

I want you to succeed to lose your weight, get fitter or eat healthier.

So my New year gift to you is  personal training package of 8 sessions  to kick start your New year for £160.00 instead of £280 if you book and pay by 1st January 2017.

Terms and conditions

All Sessions must be taken by End of February 2017

24 hours notice of cancellation of a session otherwise the session is lost.

sessions to take place at Smart HQ

Payment by 1st January 2017

Happy Christmas and a fit and healthy new year to you all.