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Personal Fitness & Feel Good Training

My individual training package is for women who want to be fitter, stronger and leaner or just generally want help with finding an exercise plan that will make them feel good.

We need different fitness at different stages of life a bit like our nutrition and no two people are the same, and should not get sucked in to one size fits all programmes.

During Puberty

Our bodies are changing all the time ,our bones and muscles are developing our brain is changing and we are dealing with all the stress of media saying we should look a certain way which can cause no end of problems.

We need to make sure we do not harm children in this way by educating them in health, nutrition and fitness so they grow and thrive as healthy young adults

During pregnancy

there is no need to stop exercising as long as your Doctor has said you can, exercise will help with the pregnancy and may help lift mood and boost energy, keep weight to a safe level and help maintain muscle mass, this will help your body return to normal after the birth in an easier way as well as helping with the birth if you are fit and strong.

Yoga, swimming and gentle walking and circuits that have a variety of cardio and small weights are all great exercise for this time of our life. Again everyone is different and what you can do re exercise will be different too.

Then after a few years of rushing around bringing up the family we hit…

Peri menopause and menopause.

When we start to enter this stage we can become stressed, it may be harder to lose weight and keep weight off around the middle area especially with our decline in hormones. We are more at risk of diabetes with an increasing waistline and we are at more risk of heart disease and osteoporosis where our bones lose their density and we are prone to fractures and breaks.

Heart disease kills more women in menopause than breast cancer although there is not a lot of publicity about it.

Hot flashes Forgetfulness and depression are other signs of perimenopause, poor pelvic health like infections and weak pelvic floor also occur.

Having said all this it doesn’t have to ruin your life and you may have one or more or even no symptoms, but what you can do is make sure your journey through this transition into 3rd age is as stress free as possible and this can be helped by , good diet and nutrition learning what food to eat and what not to eat to give you better health, how to include phytoestrogens into your diet which is a more natural way then chemical hormone replacement.

During older age

This does not mean we have to stop exercise or eating well it’s important we use it or we lose it as they say. If we sit around all day and don’t move we become stiff and our muscles become weaker, we are then prone to falls where we can break bones and then all sorts of other complications can set in. I love working with older people having owned a care home years ago and helping older people I have seen first-hand what lack of movement can do to mind and body.

As a personal trainer based near Purley, London I see women going through all of these stages in life and show my clients how to exercise right for the time in their life, eat well and lose weight in a safe everyday way, no faddy diets, juices or shakes no calorie restrictions, no diet products just good healthy eating of the right foods to nourish and protect the body.

I work on fitness plans to help protect my clients from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, by teaching some cardio vascular exercise and how they can protect themselves from high blood pressure and osteoporosis but to name a few by doing weight bearing exercises, even like simple walking or jogging can help protect the bone density loss. We work on flexibility and stretching as it is important to be flexible as we age and we work on strength to keep the muscles from wasting.

The package is chosen by you for you, you choose from 30-45 minute sessions and how many sessions you would like a week as well as what time suits you best, only will you keep up this exercise if it is what you enjoy doing. If you have music you like we can add that into the session as well.

I ensure at all time you are working safely at all times and we do regular blood pressure checks and peak flow checks to make sure we are not working too far out of you limits.

Choose how many sessions you want.

Benefits of Exercise:

  • Boost self esteem
  • Keeps mind clear
  • Help reduce stress
  • Lower risk of early death
  • Keep weight at a safe healthy level
  • Lower your risk of heart disease, dementia
  • Lower your risk of osteoporosis, hip fractures
  • Lower your risk of diabetes and depression