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HIIT Exercises when you have an injury

You know how it is you just start to get in to a good exercise routine and suddenly out of nowhere you get an injury and you feel as if you are going to undo all the hard work you have done.

Don’t despair, I have been there many times with dodgy hip and back and shoulder pain after my breast cancer which stopped me in my tracks as far as heavy upper body work , I use to do pole fit but that was no longer possible as I led with my right arm and now it would be far too painful , plus my ribs kill me from time to time from the radiotherapy, but you can give up but really that shouldn’t be an option there are many ways to adapt exercises and I want to show you some of them.

HIIT exercise are a quick way to get fitter and save time on long drawn out exercises just 20 minutes can give you masses of health benefits including quicker fat loss, it is a great form of cardio exercise and you don’t need weights or equipment.

If you have injuries it may be worrying you about doing such high intensity exercise so I am going to show you some modifications.

The most popular HIIT exercises are

  1. Push ups
  2. High knees
  3. Lunges
  4. Burpees
  5. Plank jacks
  6. Mountain climbers
  7. Sit ups
  8. Triceps dips
  9. planks
  10. Squats

If you suffer with your knees here are some adaptations

  • Push ups are no problem with bad knees unless you can’t do on your toes then you can stand with hands on a hard surface standing and push up and down.
  • High knees don’t jump just march with some effort put in to it.
  • Lunges if you step backwards into your lunge it lessens impact, however if the whole movement hurts then stand still and do a standing still lunge just lift and lower knee up and down.
  • Burpees don’t do the jumping part of the burpee just step the legs out one at a time and then stand up and don’t jump at the end.
  • Plank Jack should be ok as you are just in a plank position and jumping your legs out to the sides, if too much then just step out to the sides instead.
  • Mountain climbers, not advisable as you are bringing your knees in and out very quickly, lower it down if you want to try by just stepping legs in and out.
  • Sit ups just do them no excuse here 🙂
  • Triceps dips again just do them.
  • Planks you know what I’m going to say perfectly ok
  • Squats make sure your feet are placed correctly and only go as far as you can never force it listen to your body.

If it’s your back that’s the problem then try these adaptions

  • Push ups should be ok
  • High knees don’t jump just march lifting legs high
  • Lunges make sure you hold your core tight but otherwise you should be able to do these.
  • Burpees I wouldn’t recommend these if your back is hurting, but you could adopt a plank position and step legs in and out and then stand , do not jump, if they hurt then stop.
  • Plank Jacks as long as you keep your core tight you should be ok, if you want to lessen the movement then just step side to side.
  • Mountain climbers same as plank jacks
  • Sit ups these should be ok but listen to your back if they hurt then stop.
  • Triceps dips no reason why you can’t do them
  • Planks as long as you hold correct position keeping your core tight no reason why not.
  • Squats again hold core tight keep back straight looking forward.

If it’s your Hips that hurt then try these.

  • Push ups no problem doing these
  • High knees don’t do any jumping just step up and down
  • Lunges if it hurts to lunge forward try lunging in position keeping good form, core tight and back straight.
  • Burpees the jumping legs back may hurt your hips but only you know the extent of the pain so test it out.
  • Plank jacks again instead of jumping just step out side to side.
  • Mountain climbers depending on mobility in the hips this one probably unadvisable
  • Sit ups go for it
  • Triceps no problem
  • Planks great keeping a good line and core tight
  • Squats check form and only go as low as comfortable.

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