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Gut Health Smoothie

Time to make 5 minutes

Serves 1


2 handfuls of Organic Spinach

½ Avocado

1 Medium Banana

1 Tlbs Tahini

1 Tlbs Fresh ginger

Store cupboard

Juice of a lemon

200 mls Water

Add all ingredients in to a blender and whizz

Benefits of Tahini

  • Its rich in minerals such as phosphorus, lecithin, magnesium, potassium and iron
  • It contains Methionine , which aids in liver detoxification
  • Great source of calcium and more protein than nuts.
  • Helps maintain skin and promotes healthy cell growth
  • High in good fats
  • High in the b vitamins and Vitamin E
  • Great for assisting weight loss and easy to digest.


  • Anti- inflammatory so helps keep gut calm, and inhibit H. Pylori stomach infections, such as ulcers and gastrointestinal cancers
  • It is a great digestive aid and helps reduce bloating and flatulence and ease IBS.
  • Can reduce nausea
  • Supports blood glucose


  • Full of dietary fibre to keep gut healthy and aid digestion.


  • Has the same protective effect on the gut as a probiotic by feeding good gut bacteria.


  • Bananas restores the good bacteria and helps reduce inflammation


  • Lemons are high in fibre called pectin, which is a prebiotic that helps with good gut health by feeding healthy gut bacteria, they also help to flush the kidneys and aid digestion.

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