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Group Fitness Training

At Smart Nutrition and fitness we like to design personal training packages that suit everyone’s needs. We are personal trainer based in Purley which isn’t too far from London. So we feel that for ladies who feel that one to one training is not for them and that they would like to train with friends then we run small group sessions for up to 4 people at a time. This can help motivate one another and spreads the cost of a one to one personal training session.

The sessions are ideal for different levels of fitness or same level as all will be tailored to fit for the individual needs. These sessions would greatly benefit ladies who are maybe starting to go in to perimenopause and would like to get a bit fitter and stronger as they have noticed that they are maybe gaining weight around the middle or that they are doing what they always did but weight is still creeping on.

In these sessions we can discuss natural ways that we can help to make some of the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, offering advice on natural remedies and good nutrition and healthy diets for weight loss that has health benefits too.

Personal training can help with reducing the risk of osteoporosis which can cause fractures and when oestrogen levels drop this is a concern. It can also help with reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokes and cancers like breast cancer, stomach, and bowel. Premenopausal symptoms can also include hot flashes, depression, tiredness, stress, adrenal fatigue as oestrogen levels drop and exercise can help with these as well.

Train with friends, spread the cost of training by getting friends (up to 4) to train with you.

Benefits of group training:

  • Spreads the cost
  • Fun to work out with friends
  • Motivate each other
  • Become fitter and healthier