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GP Referral

If you are suffering from Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol osteoporosis or arthritis or stress or have obesity problems, then the chances are you have been to see your Doctor to try and get help.

Your GP may have suggested that you take some exercise or go on a diabetic diet plan if you have diabetes or a diet for high blood pressure which you may have gone away and tried to do, however it’s not always easy on your own learning how to eat the right nutrition and exercise correctly without the help of a professional personal trainer or nutrition advisor.

But if the Dr is concerned enough he will have referred you instead of just recommending you to see a GP exercise referral specialist. At Smart nutrition and fitness we are qualified to help in these areas and Your GP may have referred you to us.

We can help build you a programme that will suit your needs and one that you will be able to follow to guide you back to a healthier way of life. As Qualified Level 3 Personal trainers we can design programmes for you that you can do with us or at home or via a Skype session.

We can help build a good nutrition plan showing you how to eat in a more healthy way that will not feel like a diet with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to be fit, well and maintain healthy weight.

We know that sometimes the medication you are on isn’t making you feel great and you may not always feel like exercising, but exercise can turn in to a medicine that makes you feel better as it releases endorphins which lift your mood and make you feel better and sometimes your doctor may suggest you come off of some of the medications you are taking as your symptoms may have improved.

We do exercise for osteoporosis, exercise for reducing blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes, and much more.

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