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Food intolerance or Allergy do you know the difference

As a nutrition advisor, I get to see a lot of people especially ladies going through peri menopause who want to lose weight and feel better, and a lot of them decide to cut major food groups from their diet as they think they are intolerant to them or have an allergy in the hope this will be the answer as to why they have gained weight.

However if you don’t have an allergy or are not intolerant then there really is no point. Our bodies need a variety of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.

However if you do suffer from extreme tiredness, itchy problem skin, IBS, bloating, hives but to name a few then it is worth getting checked out.

Allergy or intolerance?

Most people have intolerance rather than an allergy and there is an important distinction between the two.

Allergies are usually permanent, but sometimes recede after a number of years. Some allergies can be dangerous i.e. nut allergy leading to anaphylaxis. True allergic symptoms should be dealt with by the Doctor which he may treat with inhalers, epipens or further tests.

A food intolerance is nearly always temporary, the foods that people regularly eat are those that they are most likely to become intolerant to. Therefore cause unpleasant symptoms tend to be either the persons favourite, or foods that they habitually eat or drink. Small amounts count just as much as large. Someone can become intolerant to milk through consuming as little as a dash in four cups of tea daily and some people do not like foods that they are intolerant to.

It is difficult to identify foods that trigger symptoms, particularly if they are consumed daily. Other factors can influence the severity of symptoms. Hormonal changes, stress and tiredness can exerbate symptoms, for example a premenstrual woman might suffer a food induced migraine yet two weeks later the same food may only give her a slight headache.

Why do they start?

Triggers include hormonal changes, operations, viruses, tummy bugs, major stress and antibiotics.

Once you have food intolerance its best to eliminate the culprit foods from your diet. The longer you can strictly do the diet, the better your chance of being able to eat the foods again without symptoms.

I have a client who has had a multitude of problems al relate to her gut and this year we have been trying different things to help her regain her health.

She has had a live blood test, which showed up stomach problems, the Dr has found stomach issues as well as thyroid issues. She has done the food map diet and been to see about food intolerance. This showed up a lot of foods that she had to cut out of her diet like yeast, whey, and coconut, orange, champagne !!!!! Cucumber skin, tomato skin, Gin, pimms and much more. This journey has been a long one for her but I’m pleased to say she is feeling so much better and not having the pains she was in her stomach; she has lost weight and isn’t so tired, so it has been worth the investigations.

I decided to go and get checked as a health professional myself I want to be able to help and advise people where they can go to get help and improve their symptoms. Now I didn’t have any symptoms nor do I feel ill except for a back issue I’m having, but I went along to meet the lady. The consultation is 2 hours and she puts you at ease straight away and explains what she is going to do.

I didn’t really come up with much except a small reaction to soy, whisky, port and pimms which all except the soy make me wheezy and Champagne which please my husband !!! But the prosecco is safe.

She tested my vitamin and mineral levels which were all fine and then my allergies which showed up as I already knew, cats, dogs, horses and dust mite, these have always been a problem for me. But what also show was fake smells like air fresh plug ins and sprays and I have to say these do affect me and I know longer use them in the house due to toxic load on my body and the fake oestrogens , I burn natural aromatherapy oils which are much nicer.

So although I didn’t show up with much I’m pleased I went so I could share this with you and in future be able to recommend to my clients to see this lady now I know what she does.

If you feel you could benefit in being tested here are her contact details