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Fitness testing and lifestyle assessment

Before you begin personal training or nutrition programme with Smart Nutrition and fitness you will be asked to do a fitness assessment and a lifestyle questionnaire to enable us to determine how you are physically and how good your lifestyle choices are.

The tests are not hard but helps us to build a programme that is suited to your needs.

The test comprises of some of the following:

  • Rowing for 500 meters
  • How many press ups in one minute
  • How many sit ups in one minute
  • How many squats in one minute
  • A bleep test
  • A 3 minute step up test on a box
  • A reach test
  • 1 mile walking test
  • Taking your height, weight and blood pressure


We will carry out a nutrition profile by asking for a week’s food diaries to be done so we can see what you are consuming. This must be done on what you have been eating and not what you think you should be eating so that we can give you the best advice possible.

There is also a PAR-Q form to fill in which is about your general health.

All of the above are included in our other package’s , however if you are just looking to see what your general fitness and wellbeing is like we can do this for you.

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