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Benefits of muscle & strength training over 50

Benefits of muscle strength training over 50

Women often stay away from any kind of muscle and strength training as they think it will make them big and bulky but if they do it right then this is not the case. I love strength training it makes me feel alive, I don’t lift really heavy weights just enough to test my muscles and make them know what their job is, I do it as I want to be fit and strong in to my later years, plus of course its my job !!!!

Did you know there are so many benefits from starting a strength training programme that can be done just twice a week no more than 30 minutes at a time, some benefits are reducing the risk of the following conditions.

  1. Depression
  2. Obesity
  3. Lower back pain
  4. Osteoporosis
  5. Diabetes
  6. Arthritis
  7. Poor heart health
  8. Help improve posture and balance/core

Strength training over 50 is so important to ensure we move in to older age with less disease so we can live a full and active life.

Strength work builds muscles which is way better than fat and muscle takes up a lot less room than fat, so you could have two ladies that weigh the same but one trains and one doesn’t the one that trains is going to be more toned and stronger than her friend.

Looking good is however not why I want you to do this, I want you to be able to stay strong and independent like I said earlier in to older age, it just means you will be able to carry out everyday tasks better, like carrying the shopping, making beds, being able to play with grandchildren when they come along as well as being able to still do sports that you enjoy and dance the night away should the mood take you.

In menopause and beyond we start to lose bone density as our oestrogen declines and this can be pretty serious, as if we fall we are more likely to break a wrist, shoulder, arm or hip so we must ensure we do some bone building exercise in to our routine, this can include anything that is impactful like walking, jogging or running, stepping like doing step ups in gym, skipping if your pelvic floor allows you, that’s a different topic altogether. Cycling and swimming will not help with bone density but are good for cardio vascular health.

So you see if you build your muscles up they in turn will protect your bones and you are less likely to fall if you are steadier and have a strong core and balance.

I hear a lot of ladies complaining about putting on weight round the middle when they get near their 50s, but by doing some weight/resistance training this can help keep body fat down to a healthy level, as we age we should try not to be too thin as it ages us, better to have a bit to cuddle . Weights actually speed up your metabolism, because we lose muscle density as we age this is a reason we gain weight, we can’t consume the same amount of calories in our 50s as we did in our 20s.

As we start getting in to our 50s, I don’t know about you but there seems to be more funerals than weddings and it brings thoughts of our own mortality, plus other factors like will I have enough money to see me through retirement, are my kids ok, having to move house or downsize, this can all impact our state of mind and make us feel more anxious and depressed so by exercising you can dramatically improve your outlook on life and feel able to cope better.

You may notice that you sleep better too, exercise can help with this by giving you a more sound and restful sleep, deep sleep helps to boost the immune function, supports cardiac health and helps control anxiety and stress.

Before you start to exercise always see your Dr to make sure he /she thinks you’re well enough, if you have any health conditions.

Ask them if it will affect any of the medicines you are on.

Start slowly and build up you don’t want to be worn out before you start.

Always warm up and cool down

If you can find a trainer qualified in Midlife training especially if they are midlife too they will understand you more as they will be doing all the things they want you to do , she says hopefully.


Get started, have fun and get all the benefits a long and active life can bring.