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Is Alcohol damaging your weight loss goals?

Is Alcohol damaging your weight loss goals?

If we are honest we know if we carry on drinking we are not going to achieve the weight loss we require, I’m not saying a glass or two over the weekend will do loads of damage but as cocktails have started really coming back in to Vogue do we really know how much alcohol they contain?

I am guilty of this as my favourite tipple is a porn star martini this contains a shot of Vodka, shot of passoa and a shot glass of prosecco, so 3 units of alcohol plus the passion fruit puree with all its sugar .
175 calories each, and 16 gms of sugar now on a night out I could drink a few of these so imagine you had 4 that’s 700 calories and 64 gms of sugar, the daily recommended amount of sugar is 25gms and it would take 2 hours of brisk walking/jogging to use 700 kcals plus you will have drunk 6 units of alcohol ½ of your weekly total that is recommended just in one night out, so you can see where the extra weight might be hard to lose.
We use to drink 125mls of wine at a time now the glasses have shot up to 250ml so that’s nearly 3 units, so you can see how it creeps up.

Also when we drink we crave high carbohydrate and fatty foods like kebabs and pizza and burgers all of which add more calories and we wonder why we can’t shift the weight even though we have been good all week and exercised.

Just one night out on the town can add 2000 kcals or more to our daily amount and you keep doing that you can see how the weight increases.

  • Alcohol dehydrates the body as well as it acts as a diuretic
  • Alcohol lowers the calorie burn as the body finds it toxic so it has to get rid of it first before it burns food calories so food not used in energy gets stored as fat.
  • Alcohol also lowers inhibitions and so we tend to make poor choices that we may regret.

I am not a killjoy by any stretch I am human and I like a drink but if you are serious about losing weight and you are stuck or have plateaued then take a look at the alcohol you are consuming. Try and cut it down so you don’t drink in the week and limit yourself to a couple of glasses at the weekends and see if it makes a difference. I know if you are going through menopause alcohol can worsen hot flushes and disrupt sleep which can make you feel even worse as well as having a hangover.

So cheers all makes you think doesn’t it?

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