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Fiona - personal trainer for women over 40

Personal Fitness Trainer & Certified Nutrition Advisor in London

Personal trainer, midlife women’s coach and nutrition advisor

As your personal trainer and midlife coach I will help you improve overall fitness, gain strength, tone your body and strengthen your mind to help you go through midlife and beyond.

I provide personal fitness and midlife coaching in person and online in the Kent and Surrey areas including Hever, Cowden, Edenbridge, Crockham Hill, Oxted, Four Elms, Westerham, Liegh, Chiddingstone, Penshurst, Hartfield, Lingfield, Dormansland and surrounding areas.

I specialize in a range of nutrition and fitness programmes and midlife coaching for peri menopause and menopause and beyond.

I am 54 years old and have been in the business for 10 years, I know the importance of keeping fit and balancing midlife with good functional exercise and restorative activities as well like Yoga and walking in nature.

2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it really made me sit up and think, I was fit at the time but I’m sure there were other aspects in my life that were not as healthy like alcohol, late nights, stress and maybe not being as careful with my diet all of which made me feel out of control.

When we get to midlife we start to juggle life, with Kids sometimes still at home, elderly parents who demand more of our time, plus our own bodies changing.

I understand that saying you can never have a glass of wine or eat that piece of cake isn’t going to work so you will see that all my sessions and advice are based on you and your lifestyle.

Some days you may just want a gentle workout and other days you are on fire and have loads of energy, or you may just want a coffee and a chat to unload all the stress, the good thing is I’m in the same age bracket so I understand.

My sessions are short and effective I don’t feel we need an hour workout which leaves looking at the clock and wishing it would end, far better to do 30 or 45 minute sessions once or twice a week and then do some yoga and walking.

Remember it’s about balance not pressure, start to love and accept your beautiful self in midlife and except what you have little control over, then you will become more at ease with yourself and everything around you.

I have a wide range of vitamins and minerals formulated by Dr Marilyn Glenville a women’s health specialist. Including Omega 3 , gut health support, menopause support, fat loss support, libido support, Brain health support, immune system support, mental wellbeing support.

I am an ambassador for Tropic skincare as they sit well with my ethos , they are vegan friendly products and the company is a carbon negative business. These products are good for ladies in midlife as they are natural and do not contain xenoestrogens which are the harmful oestrogens found in a lot of skincare products.


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