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Fiona - personal trainer London

Personal Fitness Trainer & Certified Nutrition Advisor in London

As Your Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach I’ll help you Lose Weight, Tone up, Increase strength, and Improve Overall Health.

I provide personal fitness training in London area including Croydon, Purley, Coulsdon, Selsdon, Wallington, Hayes, West wick ham, Shirley, Beckenham, Biggin hill. I specialize in a range of fitness & nutrition programmes, and lifestyle coaching with a different approach. I am also a Certified 3rd Age Woman Instructor, wellness coach for Perimenopausal women and beyond.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in London, get started on a personal training programme that will be effective and easy to apply to your everyday life. Call me today to learn more.

I have been in the industry 5 years I am 49 years young and I know the problems that midlife ladies go through we are trying to juggle elderly parents, grown up children who still rely on us as well as our own health battles, i know and understand this as I have an elderly mother who lives with me, a son who cannot afford to move out, I’m going through the change and have been treated for breast cancer for the last 4 years.

I like to work with women in their 3rd age 40 and above. Women who are approaching peri-menopause or in menopause or beyond who like me are not unrealistic in the fact they are not going to be a size 8 again or have the energy they once had, but who still want to feel and look good and be fitter and heathier and have good enough energy to get through the pressures put on them at this time of their lives including children, grandchildren and elderly parents.

I also understand that saying you can never have a glass of wine or your favourite treat isn’t going to work. So for this reason you will see my packages are adjusted to suit everyone, i am sympathetic, I always listen to what my clients want to get out of their sessions, some days you may just want a gentle workout and other days you may have loads of energy to use.

Some people really don’t want to workout for a whole hour so I have adjusted that as well with time frames to suit everyone.

It’s about balance not pressure, start to love yourself and except what you have little control over, you will become more at ease with yourself and everything around you.


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