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5 Smart reasons why your not losing weight

There are many reasons why you might not be losing weight so here are 5 Smart reasons why

1) Don’t diet

We are all on a diet, that’s what eating food is called be it a vegan diet, vegetarian diet, Mediterranean diet they are all diets as we are consuming food.

However mention the word diet and people think of restriction, giving up tasty food and  misery.

How wrong can they be ? If you eat good fresh,non processed healthy free range or organic foods where you do not ban foods you will become a healthy weight and enjoy eating again without feeling guilty and counting every calorie you put in your mouth.

If you eat this way you should not have to count calories, as you will eat well and feel satiated on less food.

2) Dot eat low fat food or diet products

We have been tricked by the big food giants in to eating low fat and diet products which has promised us the answer of weight loss and how we can finally get to the weight we want to be. But hang on a moment aren’t we all getting bigger, isn’t obesity and diabetis becoming a major health crisis in our country? We started gaining weight in the early 80.s when the low fat brigade said it was fat that was causing us health problems and heart disease and we should cut out all fat from our diet and consume low fat products, so up popped low fat yogurt’s, spreads,sauces, ready meals, diet drinks, cakes and biscuits. I look at peoples trollys and they are full with all these type of products and the people pushing them do mostly seem to have weight issues.

Diet food make us more hungry as they do not satisfy your hunger as the fat has been removed and replaced by sugar.

3) Sugar is not so sweet as you think!!!

As well as changing the fat content in our foods by replacing animal fats with unsaturated vegetable oils to make the food more pleasing to taste, these hydrogenated fats are bad for us and can raise cholesterol and are bad for heart health they then add sugar to all the low fat products via sugar in different forms such as fructose, sucrose, palm sugar, the list goes on and on.

They also say on packets no added sugar or sugar free to make us think its more healthy but they have then added chemical sweeteners like Aspartame and Sucralose which are 150 times sweeter than sugar and make our body think we are eating real sugar so our pancreas releases insulin and we become at risk of insulin resistance and diabetes.

The insulin excess causes the cells in the body to absorb more sugar and what is not used is turned in to fat, this is because Artificial Sweeteners disrupt the body regulating calories.

Alcohol is also full of sugar so ensure you are not consuming too much , not only for the empty calories but also it makes you lose the ability to make sensible decision with food choices and we tend to eat more. Also Alcohol is a poison and our liver has to remove it from the body before it deals with anything else you have eaten so your food is not used in energy and is stored as fat.

4) Eat Fat Stay Trim

We need fat to lose weight although many people are scared by the very thought of consuming fat. Fat does contain more calories than carbohydrates and proteins but has more flavour and taste so we don’t need to eat so much. Now i’m not taking about the cakes and donuts and sausage roll type of fats i’m talking about the good fats, the ones found in Oily fish like Mackerel, Salmon and Fresh Tuna. Avocados, nuts and seeds which contain essential fats Omega 3s. We need Fat soluble Vitamins like A,D,E and K in our bodies for our general well-being and where we are seeing people cutting out these essential fats they are suffering with their health.So don’t be scared to eat it.

5 ) Exercise Smart not hard

We need to exercise to make our bodies strong, flexible and help with our bone health, heart and mood.

Exercise will tone you and keep your weight at a sensible level, however you cannot rely on exercise alone you do need to eat well and the right foods.

*80 % What we eat and 20% exercise.When you exercise you are more likely to make good food choices.

Just 20- 30 minutes a day you do not have to spend hours in the gym unless you are training to be in the Olympics !! or doing other tough competitions. Exercise that raises your heart rate and leaves you slightly out of breath, like HIIT (high intensity interval training) or jogging, running, rowing and cross trainer.

You should also do 2-3 days where you do some body weight exercises to improve muscle tone and make your bones stronger.

For more information on eating well without dieting contact me here or call me 0771 8588847