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3rd age Womans guide to a stress free Christmas

Tis the season to be Jolly Ho Ho Ho  !!!!! Hell no if you are struggling with your Peri- Menopause with symptoms like anxiety, sleeplessness, tiredness, anger issues, hot flushes, weight gain.

Christmas is stressful at the best of times so when you feel you are going through a rough time with your Peri-menopause and you really dont want Christmas to happen follow my tips which may help ease you through the festive season without feeling totally worn out.

S.Y.S.O or in other words sort your shit out if you have a family who rock up on Christmas day all merry and bright and have done nothing to contribute to the day then thats your fault for not asking, you may think your super woman but we all need help from time to time and expectations for everything to be perfect on Christmas day are set way too high. Delegate jobs out, get someone to come over before hand and help do the shopping with you make a day of it have a meal out enjoy it instead of running round like a headless chicken trying to find the right presents, set a budget and tell everyone to do the same there is no point being in debt in January. Get them to help set the table and prepare the meal as well or better still go out and get someone to cook for you instead !!

Start an exercise programme just 20 minutes a day will help you feel better by releasing endorphins  to help you deal with any stress and give you an energy boost.

Doing just 20 minutes of a HIIT workout will rev up your metabolism and burn some of the extra calories you may eat during the holidays, try to do something at lest 5 days a week even if you go out and walk in nature it will give you such benefits.

Get enough sleep i know its party season and you will be out partying but try and get at least 7 hours sleep, lack of sleep can make the tired body release cortisol a hormone released by the adrenal glands and it can make you gain weight around the middle.

Watch the alcohol intake, i know its all to easy to get carried away with the Champagne when it starts flowing but it will make a 3rd aged womens body even more stressed in the long term, our livers do not tolerate alcohol like when we were younger and the side effects of a heavy night can go on for days, which can make dealing with Christmas even harder.

Plus we make bad food choices when we have had a drink and tend to eat more, we may also say things we regret which is never a good thing at a family event !!!!! Alcohol contains a lot of empty calories as well so it will only add to that weight gain around the middle. If you do drink have one and then a glass of water this will keep you hydrated as well.

Over the holiday i suggest you take a good quality Milk Thistle capsule which will help your liver cope a little better with over indulgence.

Have healthy snacks around the house as well as the tempting treats, a handful of Brazil or walnuts or some dates and satsumas  could be a better choice than a mince pie.

Here is a twenty minute HIIT programme you can do in your home with no equipment needed. Always check with a health professional before undertaking exercise if you havent done so for a while and make sure the area you are in is clear of any trip hazards .

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds and repeat 4 times

Mountain climbers

Sit ups

High knees

Squat jumps

Jumping jacks

If you would like more exercise plans you can book skype sessions with me or i can send written plans for you to do on your own at home,

Call me 07718588847

Email me smartnutritionandfitness@gmail.com