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3 Most Important Exercises During Menopause

  1. Aerobic training
  2. Strength/resistance training
  3. Stretching

To get good results I recommend you do a mixture of all 3.

Aerobic training this should be done 3 times a week , but you don’t have to thrash it out in the gym, you only need do 20 minutes at a time as long as you raise that heartbeat. This can be in the form of a jog, brisk walk, Tabata training or a programme sorted out to suit you.
Cardio is good for the heart and it is a fact that more women die from heart disease than breast cancer at this time of life. It helps you keep weight off and can lift your mood.

Strength training /resistance is vital for bone health , our bone density decreases as we get over 30 and after menopause, the most common fractures are hip, shoulder, and wrist, due to reduction in oestrogen. There are 300,000 hip fractures a year in this age group and 20% will die from a hip fracture and 50% will need some kind of long-term care, so as you see it is important to take care of those bones. It will also help with weight loss and will tone your body too.  2 to 3 times a week just for 15-20 minutes to help keep your bones strong, it is fundamental for everyday living, like carrying shopping, housework, moving objects around. You don’t need a gym to be able to do this type of exercise. Just make sure you get some professional advice before lifting any kind of weights.

Stretching is important to keep us supple as we age and helps us to avoid injury and keep moving well without such stiff joints. You know how you feel when you get up out of a chair or get out of bed, stretching and keeping supple will help.
Yoga is a good example of this , one or two yoga classes helps restore body and mind and keep you bending in all the right places.

Before taking on any exercise plan you should always consult a doctor.