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Personal Fitness Trainer for Women through every stage of life!

I am a personal trainer from Purley near London and I love to work with women of all ages who care about their health and well-being and who want to take action to be the best they can be through nutrition and fitness, in an affordable way. We go through many stages in our lives from Puberty to Pregnancy to Peri-menopause, Menopause and older age, and each of these require the right nutrition and fitness advice. One size does not fit all. Our bodies need different vitamins and minerals and different types of movement as we age. Let me help you help yourself and lets be nutritionally fit and well for every stage of our lives. Contact me today and see why I love what I do and how I can help you, look good and feel great.

How can I help?

  • Menopause Img for Sn&F

    Peri- menopause and Menopause

    Struggling with hot flushes, anxiety, stress, weight gain, tiredness and irritability, you don’t have to by looking at lifestyle, and diet you can improve these feelings.

  • Nutrition

    Confused by all the nutrition advice out there – don’t know where to start, still struggling with weight, let me take a look to see how I can help.

    Nutrition img- SN&F
  • GP Referral Img-SN&F

    GP Exercise referral

    Has your Dr told you need to do some exercise to improve your health? Do you have problems with heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and osteoporosis? Time to change is now and get back to wellness.

  • Personal training, group training & Walking buddy

    One to one training sessions to help you reach your fitness goals or maybe you want a buddy to come along to do some group training or someone to come out for a walk with you. There is something for everyone to get you back to fitness.

    Personal training img-SN&F
  • Fitness Testing img-SN&F

    Fitness testing and lifestyle assessment

    As we age it’s important to look at fitness levels and lifestyle, do you know your numbers i.e. blood pressure, body fat, muscle%. To ensure a healthier older age and free from chronic conditions take action now.

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